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Emergency Fire Starter

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Emergency Fire Starter is great for campfires, barbecues, gas grills, stoves and for emergency preparedness. Used as lighters for smokers or for cigarettes. This nonpareil hearth starter replaces your matches, box, and match sticks. Perfect gadget for the outdoors. Therefore, these are small and easy to use for every day carry. Emergency Fire Starter is Lightweight and waterproof works while wet or cold. This is a chief tool for the outside, camping, hiking, hunting, fishing, BBQ, boating or travel.

Moreover, this is a major tool for the outdoors, camping, hiking, hunting, fishing, BBQ, boating or travel. Emergency Fire Starter is a perfect tool for Boy Scouts, Bushcraft, Preppers or just for Emergencies. This is a must-have for a Camper or recreational vehicle or UTV.

It is great for hunters to have in your hunting gear. Also a good item for vacation stocking stuffers or gifts for men or gifts for boys. It is a housing container that is made from stainless steel and tough black ABS plastic. This lighter or match is reusable and refillable. It has a protracted endless life and can last up to fifteen,000 strikes.

It is always smart to be prepared for emergency situations. This is a sturdy emergency hearth starter that works nicely for exhausting things.


  • The flint and steel hearth starter is accustomed to lightweight a spread of things like hearth pits, fireplace, candles, bonfires, kindling, wood, logs, coal, charcoal, Maya dust, tinder, lanterns, propane stoves, oil lamps, bunsen burners.
  • You can use it inside for room preparation and has no smoke once lit.
  • It has an Mg flint rod and maybe a sensible flint and steel hearth starter.



    The Emergency Fire Starter was built with people like you in mind. Something to keep you happy. Every. Single. Day.

    Inventory Last Updated: Jan 17, 2020